Name of the Innovator: Ramya, Divya, & Poojitha

District: Medchal – Malkajgiri

Name of Innovation(English): Algae Scrubber

Name of Innovation (Telugu): ఆల్గే స్క్రబ్బర్

Description – English: Algae play a crucial role in industries, however, their presence restricts the oxygen supply for aquatic organisms. The device “Algae scrubber” deals with the cleansing and utilizing of algae, in an eco-friendly manner. Provisions in our device are made in such a way that, when water flows through the pipe attached to the device, algae will be growing inside the mesh (connected in device) and not on the water surface, with the help of nutrients and LED light.
Further, when the mesh is packed with algae, a sensor attached to the mesh will give a signal to the owner of the device that algae need to be scraped out, hence the device is ready to use again and leftover algae can be given to various industries. This device doesn’t harm the environment, at the same time gives high durability due to the usage of quality materials at affordable prices.

Category of Innovator: College Student

Sector of the Innovation: Sanitation and Cleanliness