Name of the Innovator: Prathap

District: Sangareddy

Name of Innovation(English): Customisable multicrop seed & fertilizer driller

Name of Innovation (Telugu): అనుకూలీకరించదగిన మల్టీక్రాప్ సీడ్ & ఎరువుల డ్రిల్లర్

Description – English: By using this innovative project of seed sowing equipment, we can save more time required for the sowing process and also it reduces a lot of labourer cost. It is very helpful for small scale farmers as it weighs less. After comparing the different method of seed sowing and limitations of the existing machine, it is concluded that the this seed sowing machine can:
1) Maintain row spacing and control seed rate.
2) Control the seed depth and proper utilization of seeds can be done with less loss.
3) Perform the various simultaneous operations and hence saves labour requirement so as labour cost, labour time and also save lots of energy.

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