Name of the Innovator: Sai

District: Mancherial

Name of Innovation(English): Easy brick holder for construction labors to shift the weight from head to hands

Name of Innovation (Telugu): తల నుండి చేతులకు బరువును మార్చడానికి నిర్మాణ కార్మికుల కోసం సులభమైన ఇటుక హోల్డర్

Description – English: Labors have been facing more health problems for carrying the bricks barely on their heads i.e Neuro, neck and back pains. Now there is an easy solution to help labours. Our Brick Lifting tool can easily carry 8 bricks in single hand, 16 bricks in both hands. It’s a very easy to make with very low cast and effective work with less effort. Single hand persons can get work by using this tool. This effortless easy brick lifting tool can only solution for all labours. It’s very useful and safe to everyone.

Category of Innovator: School Student

Sector of the Innovation: Health &Medicine