Name of the Innovator: Vijaya Bhavani

District: Wanaparthy

Name of Innovation(English): Multi-purpose foldable load carrier made of PVC pipes

Name of Innovation (Telugu): PVC పైపులతో చేసిన బహుళ ప్రయోజన లోడ్ క్యారియర్

Description – Telugu: Multipurpose load carrier is a device to help the labour to work comfortably and reduce the risk of any kind of Damage and health issues.
The main objective is to provide the workers with the facility to carry the loads in ways which are head at the Back and push or pull action. The load carrier is very light in weight easy to use and operate easily with No strain to the muscles and without giving any injury to any part of body like head neck shoulder legs hands etc. It can be used for both industrial and household.

This device is designed for construction siteworkers not to face any problem during lifting and transporting heavy loads over their back and head.This will transfer the load through the shoulders.

It is useful for all the people who need to carry heavy loads and also can be easily handled and transported from one place to another due to its folding features.It is useful for all the people who need to carry heavy loads.

Category of Innovator: School Student

Sector of the Innovation: Agriculture