Name of the Innovator: Nagamadileti

District: Gadwal

Name of Innovation(English): Multipurpose Robotic Cultivator

Name of Innovation (Telugu): బహుళప్రయోజన రోబోటిక్స్ సాగు యంత్రం

Description – English: VIRAT AGRICAR is a new model cultivator that uses robotic technology used for travel purposes and simultaneously in the Agricultural field. It has various tools like plougher, leveler, weed plucker, seed sower, weight carrying cell, harvester, sprayer, etc..that can be used simultaneously or separately. Special features include an adjustable body-wheel system, dragging tool kit system, and sensor detection system. The AGRICAR mainly focuses on decreasing the hard work of farmers, saving money, lowering the utilization of manpower, increasing machinery work, and bringing much more interest in and about agriculture with modern technology.

Category of Innovator: School student

Sector of the Innovation: Mobility