Name of the Innovator: Deepak Reddy

District: Sangareddy

Name of Innovation(English): Rock picker machine to clean and level the land

Name of Innovation (Telugu): భూమిని శుభ్రపరచడానికి మరియు సమం చేయడానికి రాక్ పికర్ యంత్రం

Description – English: There are many stone lands in our state which are not farming currently due to heigh cost to clean them with labour. By looking in to this I have been working on rock picker machine from last 3 years. Recently I have conducted trails which were successful. It is cleaning all the small and medium size stones. And this machine is also very useful to harvesting crops like onion, potatoes, ginger. With this machine we can increase productive land and also increase yield content and solve major labour problem of the farmers.

Category of Innovator: College Student

Sector of the Innovation: Agriculture