Name of the Innovator: Ganesh Yakara

District: Warangal Urban

Name of Innovation(English): Samskar Toy

Name of Innovation (Telugu): మంచి స్పర్శ మరియు చెడు స్పర్శపై పిల్లలను చైతన్యపరిచే బొమ్మ

Description – English: We define our product, “Samskar Toy” as a new age invention to put a check to the sexual abuses. In this era, where harassing and abusing sexually on person of their opposite gender is in toll, there is an anticipated necessity to its curb. This happens only by molding the thought process of people and the way of their behavior. Our product serves the purpose to the best right from tender age to every child in both playful and educative way, as they are the future of this transforming world.

Category of Innovator: College Student

Sector of the Innovation: Security