Change Makers Bootcamp

In order to build an Innovation-driven economy in the state, it is imperative to create change-makers who can come up with Innovative solutions to solve problems in our country. The Government of Telangana is active in bringing the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the state and is thus piloting a series of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Boot Camps across the state to create Innovators in schools. As a first step towards this endeavour, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, the knowledge partners of Telangana State Innovation Cell organized a “Change Makers Boot Camp” in Hyderabad for 100 School children and 20 Teachers from different schools to provide the necessary spark to the students and Teachers who would eventually become Changemakers of the State.

Inqui-lab Foundation which works with Schools to nurture creativity & innovation selected 50 children from Telangana social welfare schools and 50 children from Tribal Welfare Schools who were studying in Grade 6-8 for the Boot Camp. Connecting dreams foundation, the organization which conducted the Boot Camp took the students through a 5-day immersive experience where the students were made to identify pressing issues in their communities, come up with solutions and plan for implementation through design thinking. The idea is to instil a culture of change-making and innovation amongst the children and the teachers. The teachers were also trained to work as mentors for the students once they return from the boot camp.

During those 5 days, students were exposed to 4 core skills we have identified: leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and empathy which we believe are monumental to every individual’s success in all spheres of life. The children were taught Ideation, problem-solving, design thinking, entrepreneurial skills during the Boot Camp to help them transition to becoming a changemaker.

We are currently in the making of Change Makers Bootcamp 2.0 and will be back with the second round soon.