Lokal App

Lokal App joined hands with Team TSIC to take forward the bandwagon of ఇంటింటా Innovator and produce/feature the stories of innovators from across the state, on the app. In the past two years, innovation in the state of Telangana has taken a centre stage, promising to become one of the parameters for the state development index. There have been close to 100 innovators born out of both urban, and surprisingly a large number from rural Telangana.

These features share the stories of the innovators and describe their innovation in detail. The content produced is in the form of videos which have been shot in close vicinity to the innovator and his/her respective district. In the videos, the innovators talk about how they got the idea to innovate, what challenges they faced, who helped them in the journey and also what they aim to achieve in the future. Given below are some of the videos produced by the Lokal App.