About MasterStroke

The Government of Telangana is active in bringing the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the state and is thus focusing on the activation of e-cells at the college level. As a part of this program, a monthly entrepreneur series is being conducted in colleges in collaboration with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK).

This series helps in enabling colleges by exposing the students to thought leaders from different walks of life. As a part of the series, many prominent entrepreneurs have interacted with students and have shared their valuable experiences and lessons with the audience.

On the next tab is the list of entrepreneurs, colleges and the dates on which the masterstroke sessions were conducted.

Session Details

19. 2 .2019Naren Datta Raparthi,
COO, Raasta Studios
St. Joseph's Institute, extended campus
26. 2 .2019Frederick Deverampati,
Co-Founder, StuMagz
27. 2 .2019Sai Charan Lakkaraju,
Co-Founder, StuMagz
Sree Dattha Institute of Technology
12. 3 .2019Anjaneyulu Beeravalli,
Founder, EvibeIn
Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management
14. 3 .2019Vignan Joseph,
CEO of LifeofGirl
Rishi MS Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women
27. 3 .2019Harsha Kankanala,
Co-Founder, Edwisely India
MVSR Engineering College
30. 3 .2019Kamini Gupta,
CEO of EdgeFx Technologies
Gokuraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology
01. 4 .2019 Vamsi T Mohan,
Founder of The IFIT forum - The independent Finance, Innovation and Technology
Sree Dattha Institute of Technology