T-200 Bootcamp

T-200 Bootcamp was held from 20th May 2019 to 30th May 2019 where 20 teams participated. These teams were selected after a rigorous screening process and were exposed to various sessions with industry experts over the 10-day timeline. These teams are amongst the Top 200 teams that were selected during the Startup India Telangana Yatra.

The Bootcamp focused on Idea Validation – Prototype – Business Plan. It helped in exposing the participants to the real-time experience – connecting them to the mentors who further addressed the requested areas of support by the participants. Mentors scrutinized the elevator pitches by profiling the candidates according to their strengths. While the sessions lasted for 7 days, the remaining days have participants visiting the incubation centres across Hyderabad.

Below is a brief description of the camp:

Day 1 (Forenoon) — Mentor: Bubesh from RICH — Session on Idea Validation

The session focussed on customer validation, market validation, and the impact of the same
on the business.

Day 1 (Afternoon) — Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Ozonetel — Session on Idea Validation

The participants learned how to get the appointment of industry experts whom they wanted to meet, approach towards pitching, and charting out the target audience for the product/service.

Day 2 — Nitish Reddy — Session on Emailing and Communication

The participants were induced with the basics of email marketing, corporate communications, and steps to converse with mentors and investors, via email.

DAY 3 (Forenoon) — Venky Bobba — Session on Customer Validation

The participants got a clear picture of Customer validation and evaluating the validation
the process with the help of an assignment.

DAY 3 (Afternoon) — P Madangopal — Session on Marketing of Products and Services

There was a detailed discussion about marketing the product effectively, with regards to the
mediums — online and offline mode of marketing.

DAY 4 (Forenoon) — Charles Sasi — Session on Digital Marketing

The participants had a discussion about the importance of framing domain name, and
company. There was a follow-up discussion on choosing the right keywords for the

Day 4 (Afternoon) — Anjan and Akshay, T-Works — Session on Prototyping

The participants were given information about the facilities provided by the government for
prototyping the idea, especially about T-Works — a prototyping manufacturing centre.

Day 5 — Sudhir — Session on Team Building and HR for Startups

There was a detailed discussion on consciously choosing employees in the initial stages of the Startup, and also about the importance of employee satisfaction.

Day 6 — Investors Talk

Some of the prominent investors gave insights on startup investments.

Day 7 — Suryamani Tripathi & Sravanthi — Session on IP

There was a discussion about patenting and trademarking the product, the stages of
examination and the particular criteria and pricing by the government.