Name of the Innovator: Alladi Prabakar

District: Jagtial

Name of Innovation: Solar-driven battery-run paddy rotator that can mix 50 tractors of paddy in a single day

Name of Innovation (Telugu): ఒకే రోజులో 50 ట్రాక్టర్ల వరిని కలపగల సౌరశక్తితో మరియు బ్యాటరీతో నడిచే వరి రొటేటర్

Description – English: Solar driven Paddy drying machine_ Drying paddy before sending to the rice mill is one of the toughest job for the farmer. Farmers used to mix the paddy manually all the day. It takes more time and energy to completely dry the paddy. So Alladi Prabhakar from Metpally has designed a solar driven Paddy rotovator, such that it can mix 50 tractors of paddy per day. The motor runs with batteries power by solar panels attached to it.

Category of Innovator: Entrepreneur

Sector of the Innovation: Agriculture