The first Village Innovation Challenge was conducted at Atmakur & Amarchinta mandals, Wanaparthy district, Telangana with an attempt to nurture the mindsets of Unemployed Rural Youth through the approach of establishing a culture of Innovation. The challenge aims at the following things:

  1. To take the culture of innovation into the village youth.
  2. To make the youth aware of the frugal approaches to solve the intricate problems of their village.
  3. To create an alternate approach for an individual youngster to introspect about his/her skill-set.
  4. To channelize their efforts into the way of Entrepreneurship, with Innovation as a base.
  5. To initiate the culture of self-reliability in solving problems through innovative approaches at the village level.
  6. The challenge saw 28 villages actively participating in the process, where 4-5 youngsters as a team represented a village to solve the identified problem and conceptualise the solution through 24Hour-Hackathon.